Software Engineers

Company Name:
Pixar is looking for Software Engineers to develop, implement, test and support Pixars proprietary software suite. Work effectively with different teams within Studio Tools, including Engineering, UI Design, and Project Management. In an interactive fashion, work with artists, TDs and management in Production to analyze user needs. Design and develop software solutions to solve technical challenges, debug high-priority issues, and help re-conceptualize overly complex workflows. Utilize knowledge of debuggers, memory allocation and techniques for building robust software.
Employer will accept Masters degree in Computer Science or related technical field and two years of work experience in job offered or in a computer-related occupation. Experience must include: 1) understanding of debuggers, memory allocation, and techniques for building robust software; 2) software engineering skills in Objective-C, C++, and C; 3) object-oriented design and implementation skills; 4) UNIX, Linux, MacOS X, and iOS; 5) UI development toolkits such as Cocoa or UIKit; 6) Python and Javascript modern scripting languages for web app development; 7) REST web services, concurrent and multi-threaded software design and debugging; 8) knowledge of commercial 2D and video applications (e.g. Photoshop, Avid); 9) relational databases and SQL; 10) collaboration experience with interdisciplinary domain of users such as artists and other non technical users; and 11) OpenGL graphics rendering pipeline and image processing. Experience may be gained concurrently.
To apply, mail resume to: Pixar, 1200 Park Avenue, P.O. Box 5013, Emeryville, CA 94608 and reference job number 355.212.

Don't Be Fooled

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